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The Finnhorse Association

The Finnhorse Association was founded fourth of January, 1998 in Saarijärvi, Finland. The association is a member of Suomen Hippos ry. Currently the association has about 2000 members.

Our aim is:

  • to encourage use and appreciation of the finnhorse
  • to secure the existing bloodlines and breeding sections
  • to work for preservation of the finnhorse as a pure breed

The finnhorse is a multipurpose horse breed, which has four breeding sections

  • Trotter
  • Riding horse
  • Work horse
  • Pony-sized horse

Our work for finnhorse

  • we arrange educational trips and courses regarding finnhorses
  • we work for animal protection, inspection and registration co-operation
  • providing advice and publications
  • co-operation with other finnhorse related associations and horse industry overall

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